Francisco Lindor is A SUMMER OF LOVE--EHC Podcast 56

If the Cleveland Indians offense is performing, or if their defense is stellar, chances are pretty good that Francisco Lindor is in the middle of it all. Many people have been pondering the differences between this year's first place team with last year's seemingly underperforming team, and the major difference just might be "The Kid."

EHC's Jim Pete and Mike Hattery take a look at a year of Lindor, ponder how good he is, and connect his performance to potential top prospects Clint Frazier, Will Benson and Bradley Zimmer.

Here's the line-up:

  • A year of Francisco Lindor equals a lifetime of wonder!
  • Francisco Lindor is everything they thought, and more
  • Lindor ranks WHERE, among ALL POSITION PLAYERS?
  • Mike outlines why Lindor is special
  • Lindor has replaced Brantley?
  • A smart hitter
  • Still irritated about signing a contract
  • Is Clint Frazier on the same playing field, and the simple reason why Jim thinks he is...and yes, Jim is simple.
  • Will Benson's first phone call? Leader anyone?
  • Who is Will Benson, and why is it too early to say AWESOME, OR CRUD...but, here's why he's awesome
  • The Indians process
  • Why Benson fits in with the recent Indians' draft
  • The Indians organizational drafting philosophy, the model prospect
  • Benson has a nice smile
  • #MVP Lindor
The Audio:

The video:

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