The List: Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the WWE

How do you know you're legit? When Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWE say so.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Title on Friday night, Cavs forward Kevin Love was seen toting a Title Belt, which is becoming a fairly common practice these days. While it wasn't anything official delivered from the WWE or the MMA, as had been speculated, it turns out it was a replica Smoking Skull belt that Stone Cold Steve Austin carried around when he was the WWE Champion.

That brings us to today's list. Last night, Stone Cold Steve Austin interviewed professional wrestler A.J. Styles. Prior to the interview, Austin took time to give a shout out the the new NBA Champions.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin's shout out to Kevin Love and the Cleveland Cavaliers--If you're a male who happened to grow up in the 90s, it's likely that Stone Cold Steve Austin was someone you aspired to be. He was running rampant in the WWE, and was their best champion during their most successful, money-making run...The Attitude Era. While The Rock has gone on to become the biggest action star in Hollywood, it was Austin that was the true wrestling star. Today, Austin earns his keep via hosting several competition shows, as well as one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. Each month, Austin also interviews a wrestler for the WWE Network, as he did last night. Last night, he interviewed A.J. Styles, but he also took the time to congratulate the Cleveland Cavaliers:

2. Kevin Love, chugging beers like Stone Cold with the Austin 3:16 shirt on, and carrying around the belt:

3. Kevin Love wasn't done the next day either. He walked out onto the tarmac in Cleveland, after a night in Vegas, still carrying the belt, with the Cavs starting line-up looking a bit like NWO Cleveland:

4. And Love wasn't even done there, thanks to this tweet from +Bottlegate 

5. The WWE, getting into fray as well:

6. LeBron, not to be outdone, with a subtle dig at Golden State, holding the NBA Trophy with a WWE legend's shirt on??

7. What started it all? LeBron wearing the Undertaker shirt after the Draymond Green ball tapping. He had it on, infamously, when he found out that Klay Thompson called out his manhood. Good play Klay, as LeBron literally brought the Cavs back from the dead.

Was there a secret meaning behind this?

No...LeBron wouldn't subtweet, would he?

Now close your eyes and picture the Cavs walking off that plane, with this in the background...because we know their Wolfpac 4lyfe...

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