The List: CHAMPIONS!!!

There are no words. Your Cleveland Cavaliers are the NBA Champions of the world. YOUR CLEVELAND CAVALIERS ARE THE NBA CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. In a City that has been immortalized by words like "drive" and "shot," in an instant, Cleveland, the City that I LOVE became a part of a bigger narrative.

LeBron James laid the cement for this narrative when he mentioned the "blue collar" roots of this great city. He returned, to add some framework for rebuilding, not only for this Cavaliers team that was instituted a year before I was born, but for all of NorthEast Ohio.

Last year, the Cavs won two games without 2/3 of our Big 3.

Blue Collar.

This year, the Cavs won the title after being down 3-1.

LeBron was playing against the "best player in the game," in reigning two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

The Cavs were playing against the "best team in the game," in reigning NBA Champs and "best regular season team" in the Golden State Warriors.

They were down 3-1

Blue Collar.

LeBron hoisted up his boot straps, and played the three greatest games in the history of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball. 41 points, 41 points, Triple Double.

That's the story.

Kyrie hit the dagger, but LeBron ground down the Warriors. He's the bull in the field. He's the ballbat on a baseball field. He's the King of the Mountain.

LeBron is quite simply the most gifted player in the NBA, but with the Blue Collar mentality that literally brought an NBA Title to a a city that needed it more than any other.

There aren't words to define it, so here's today's list.

Enjoy, and welcome to Title Town.

1. When the game really started for me:

The game was so nip-and-tuck, I didn't know what to think, but this block, THIS BLOCK told me the only narrative I needed to know: "LeBron is the Beast on the Block." I've never met "Greatest Player of his Era" that was the clear and convincing underdog in the eyes of the media. He was, and He didn't like it.

2. But that wasn't the biggest block of the night, was it? LeBron wasn't losing this game. Not to Curry, and certainly not to Andre Iguadala. He gets up for this, and it changed everything...everything. 'THE BLOCK' indeed. LeBron swatted a lot of shit away with this:

The game was tied at 89, and you could cut the tension with a knife. I kept telling my kids, "LeBron's going to do something big....then this." My Daughter said after this, "He did it DAD, HE DID IT!" He sure as hell did.

3. I love Kyrie. I love the journey he's taken to get here. I love his RAW talent. I love that LeBron rejoined this team, which allowed Kyrie to reach his 24. I love this shot. Kyrie schooled "MVP" Steph Curry, again. Curry played great D, but it wasn't enough.

Yeah, he's 24, and I'm not sure we know quite who he'll become, but the sky's the limit. LeBron had the blueprint, and Kyrie Irving was a big part of that.

4. The Cavs win it, the Cavs win it, OH MY GOD, THE CAVS WIN IT!!!!

5. In the end, it's's THIS CLEVELAND. Bask in it. Enjoy it! THEY DID IT! WE ARE CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!!!

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