Francisco Lindor towers over expectations--EHC Podcast 35

Francisco Lindor is your Cleveland Indians' shortstop.

For nearly five years, the bulk of the Indians' fan-base has been anxiously awaiting his arrival, and the rookie didn't disappoint. It's rare for a "franchise player" to so quickly exceed expectations, but that's exactly what Lindor managed to do. Even with a city full of hype, Lindor performed, and nearly won the A.L. Rookie of the Year award.

What he brings to the team is slick defense, and an offensive game that remains in its early stages of development. While many discuss the possibility of a "sophomore slump" and regression, Lindor himself discusses the game like an old pro.

"If I have a slow start, so be it," Lindor said in an early spring training interview. "If I have a great start, so be it. But I guarantee  you I'm going to go out there and compete."

While it's clearly far too early to call Lindor a leader in the clubhouse, his effervescent personality, grounded personality, and realistic approach to the game he clearly loves will certainly rub off on a team that seems hungry for a personality.

Lindor may very well be that personality.

What does that mean for the Indians at shortstop? I wouldn't bet on 'regression,' as so many Cleveland fans seem to hang their hat on. It's certainly easier to think that a strong statistical start by a rookie, will be followed by that aforementioned "sophomore slump," once the rest of the league figures him out.

But sometimes, a special player transcends.'s Jim Pete and Mike Hattery discuss the new Caesar of Cleveland, Francisco Lindor, and how the Indians may be on the precipice of a player that actually exceeds expectations, even though random projections predict regression.


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