Talking Cavaliers with an Important TV Star--EHC Podcast 36

With the best record in the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers are always under a microscope, and in this #EHC podcast Jeff Nomina and Mike Hattery look through the lens.

The podcast timeline is as follows:

1:30--Channing Frye vs. the assets given up
2:45--The Cavs avoided the panic-move of dealing Kevin Love
3:50--Channing Frye lets us ignore the 2016 Mozgov disaster?
5:40--Is Lue an improvement over Blatt?
6:00--Nomina's rolls out the odd timing of the Blatt firing, based on practice schedule
7:45--Reveling in the Oklahoma City victory
9:50--Like Forrest Gump, you never know what you're going to get with the playoffs
9:55--squinting and drinking?
12:00--And his name is...LeBron James
14:10--And his name is...Joe changer?
14:10--Okay, really, Nomina and Hattery take a look at the available buyouts, should they be bought out
16:12--Can Joe Johnson fit into the Cavaliers roster?
17:15--Throwing bodies at Golden State
17:30--Alliteration is fun--Joe Johnson is Jefferson's demise
18:50--Game Planning around Golden State, or forcing the issue? Which is the Death Wish?

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