The sleepy, Lindor is adorable edition--EHC Podcast 50

  Is JRam Aviles 2.0?  
EHC celebrates our 50th podcast with a SUPER SHOW, bringing together Former TV Star Jeff Nomina, his hated and heated rival, Al Ciammaichella, the snarky, big-worded Mike Hattery and your friendly neighborhood podcast host, Jim Pete, discussing everything you ever wanted and more regarding your Cleveland Indians.

In this podcast extravaganza, we discuss:

1. Jose Ramirez usage, and ponder why he is (or more likely isn't) Mike Aviles 2.0
2. The MacGyver-ing principles of the current Cleveland Indians' outfield construction, with Rajai Davis, Collin Cowgill, the mysterious Tyler Naquin, Marlon Byrd, and JRam too.
3. The REAL Francisco Lindor, and how his adorableness is just on the surface
4. Why Al Ciammaichella and Jeff Nomina hate each other (well, we don't dive into this enough, but will in future podcasts)
5. How Jeff Nomina has somehow figured out how to just show up for these podcasts.
6. The line-up construction, and a Hattery configuration, post-Michael Brantley return, that makes a lot of sense
7. Poopenhall references
8. Yan Gomes, and how he could be the lynchpin to the whole, freakin' thing
9. JRam is Dion. Dion is JRam?

Listen, enjoy, and comment at your own discretion:

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The video:

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