Talking Indians' roster depth with The Diatribe's Paul Cousineau--EHC Podcast 49

From 2005 through 2012, Cleveland Indians baseball was graced with one of it's best writers as a new medium began to take shape thanks to the Internet. This is when Paul Cousineau began writing some long-ish form brilliance at The Diatribe, as it ultimately became known as, turned into two pieces a week (Tomahawks and Lazy Sunday), and melded together some great links with better metrics, and even better prose.

Paul could weave together a story about the Indians unlike any other.

After thousands of stories, millions of words, and ultimately, a family, Paul stepped away from from his hobby-turned-job (The Diatribe joined with The Cleveland Fan, then ultimately STO) to focus (I really hope my wife doesn't read this).

Since then, other than a couple of short little bits of writing, the only place you could catch Paul talking about the Tribe was either at the ballpark, or perhaps at a local watering hole. As he said himself, in his farewell to these Interwebs,
Those thousands (maybe hundreds) of words will instead be articulated with my family down at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. So I hope to see you there sometime soon, I thank you for reading the thoughts of a slightly-obsessed (never at a loss for words) former member of the Little Indians Fan Club, and, as always, Go Tribe…
While Paul and I never really worked on the same website, we've certainly worked in the same circles. We've both hosted IBI's Smoke Signals with Tony Lastoria, and several Cleveland Fan regulars have contributed to our little EHC site, including Dan Wismar, Brian McPeek and Adam Burke. Paul and I have talked Tribe here and there over e-mails, and while I secretly hoped I could at some point coerce him into writing something, somewhere, at some point, I realized that "working" in a business with limited upside, that swallowed up so much time, wasn't likely in the cards.

Then, one day, in a fit of brilliance, it came to me.

"Get Paul to podcast."

One day, he offhandedly mentioned an interesting podcast discussion he had with another brilliant Cleveland writer over a few beers, and it stuck with me. I shot Paul an email offering a chance to pod for a few minutes, and to my much-too-giddy joy, he accepted.

So tune in, won't you, as one of the great Cleveland Sports writers (not hyperbole, just head over to The Diatribe's archives, and read for yourself) dips his toes into the Indians' waters once again.

Paul and I talk about the outfield mess, the infield defense, Yan Gomes importance, and gush over a starting rotation that has way too much depth for anyone to feel comfortable (yeah, you have to be a Cleveland fan to understand that).

Here's the audio:

Here's the video:

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