The Cleveland Indians Preview: The First Baseman--EHC Podcast 14--4/4/15

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The EHC's Michael Hattery and Jim Pete are tackling the Cleveland Indians roster and their potential for a run to the World Series during the 2015 season. This is their take on the position players and pitchers prior to the 2015 baseball season. We're fans who pay attention, maybe a little more than we should.

In today's podcast, Jim and Mike take a look at a pretty uncomplicated position for the Indians, and that's first base. Carlos Santana is clearly the starter there this year, and will no doubt play the bulk of the games. Can Santana take both his offense and his defense to the next level in 2015? When Santana moved to first base in 2014, his numbers took a substantial jump, and while UZR wasn't all that kind to Santana defensively, anyone with eyes could see that he was pretty good on a game-to-game basis.

This year, he starts off at first, not-even-arguably his best.

His back-ups are likely to be both Brandon Moss and Nick Swisher, and while both would be better utilized elsewhere, they'll get all the reps at first that Santana doesn't take. It will be interesting to see if Santana is at first for 130 games, or if they try and get him ten or twenty games more.

Moss will likely play the majority of his games in right and DH, while it remains to be seen what happens with regards to Swisher. It seems, at best, that Swisher could be a part-time player when he's healthy, unless he finds himself as the full-time DH, with some spot duty at first and right.

Either way, first base seems locked for your Cleveland Indians.

Here's the Pod:

...and here's the YouTube video.

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