The Cleveland Indians Preview: The Catchers--EHC Podcast 13--4/3/2015

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The EHC's Michael Hattery and Jim Pete are tackling the Cleveland Indians and their potential for a run to the World Series during the 2015 season. This is their take on the position players and pitchers prior to the 2015 baseball season. We're fans who pay attention.

In today's podcast, Jim and Mike focus on the #Indians catcher position, which is anchored by one of the top five catchers in all of baseball, Yan Gomes.

Gomes has become a sort of Cult Favorite in the Cleveland community, and like several other players on this team, is overlooked by the national media. While the focus outside of Cleveland remains on players like Buster Posey and Jonathan Lucroy, Gomes has quietly become one of the top catchers in all the Major League baseball. Mike and Jim look at what really makes Gomes special.

Yes, Yan Gomes can hit.

Yes, Yan Gomes is a great defender.

While both have the potential to be even better in 2015, the #EHC boys talk about an aspect of Gomes game that may make him as important a cog in the improved pitching staff as Mickey Callaway.

Tune in to what that is...

Gomes isn't the only catcher in Cleveland, as Roberto Perez is now entrenched as Gomes' #2. Perez has spent a long and interesting tenure in the Indians' minor league system, and he's blown away coaches with his defensive ability, and a sort of iron man mentality behind the plate. Sure, anything that you get from him offensively is icing on the cake (a lot of icing last year), but he's perhaps the perfect #2 to Gomes #1.

Like Gomes, Perez can make a pitching staff better.

Laying in wait in Double A Akron is former infielder Tony Wolters, who was moved to catcher nearly two seasons ago prior to the start of the 2013 season. By all indications, Wolters has become a player to watch, not only as a catcher, but as a true super utility player down the road.

How good could he be?

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