Carlos Carrasco Is Good And You Are Bad

Carlos Carrasco is awesome and you need to stop taking him for granted. 

How shameful.  I’m embarrassed for you.  Here’s Carlos Carrasco – fourth on the Tribe in WAR despite missing half of the season due to injury – and you treat him like an afterthought. 

Did your mother raise you to have those types of manners?  Never mind, you probably take her for granted, too.

That incredible rotation?  The best in the game?  The one featuring Cy Young candidate Danny Salazar?  Yeah, Carrasco’s 2.45 ERA leads the staff by a long shot.  His WHIP and SO/9 is right there with Corey Kluber.  

But what do you care?  Carlos Carrasco is a damn beacon of light and you’re just a big grumpy bushel basket trying to cover him up.

Hell – Carrasco hit in one game last year – one damn game, 3 at-bats - and produced more offensive WAR than David Murphy, Mike Aviles and FORMER ALL-STAR BRANDON MOSS.  People pay those guys to hit baseballs!

Speaking of paying people, have you looked at Carrasco’s contract lately? Of course you haven’t. How stupid of me to even ask.  Well, he’s making $4.5 million this year (!!!), $6.5 million next year (!!!!!), $8 million in 2018 (!!!!!!!!!!), and then TEAM FUCKING OPTIONS for the next two years at $9 and $9.5 million. His contract is so team friendly it'll help you move into a 4th floor apartment on a 90 degree day.

So go ahead and talk about Salazar's incredible season.  Or Bauer's development.  We should always acknowledge Kluber's brilliance.  And of course, give all the credit in the world to Tomlin for never ever walking anyone ever.

But don't forget Cookie Carrasco.  Because he's great.  Even if you won't admit it. 
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