And the Indians are streaking--EHC Podcast 57

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The Cleveland Indians are streaking, and while much of it is thanks to an elite starting rotation, the offensive side of things has been more than carrying their weight (no pun intended, Juan Uribe) this season. Is there some sorta magic going on at the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario, or is this Cleveland Indians' team for real?

EHC's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete take a look at the details behind the streak, including the "new" players added to the roster in 2016 that may be the difference in a playoff run. How good is Rajai Davis and Tyler Naquin, and why in the hell is Michael Martinez batting second?

Here's the line-up:
  • Mike looking forward to Jim's new guest?
  • Mike pointing out Jim's gray-ass goat-tee
  • Cleveland optimism, and Michael Martinez batting second be damned (don't worry, there's a Jim rant later)
  • 9-0 against the Tigers, and Kyle Ryan sucks...and who the hell is Kyle Ryan?
  • Paul Ryan's brother?
  • Everything's clicking...
  • Are the Cleveland Indians the best team in the American League?
  • Banking wins... .500 for the rest of the year means...
  • Rajai Davis, speed demon
  • Is the outfield buying Brantley time?
  • The differences between 2015 and 2016--Francisco Lindor, Mike Napoli, Juan Uribe, Tyler Naquin, Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer
  • Francisco Lindor--MVP (we talk about this every damn time...cuz he's good)
  • he the guy every team hates?
  • Mike throws this out...Lindor is the best Indians' player since?????
  • Juan Uribe, and the clubhouse wonder
  • Tyler Naquin has been a savior, in many way
  • Cat-pods with Paul Ryan
  • Naquin routes, and Jose Ramirez IQ
  • The weekly Adam Burke plug (@skatingtripods)
  • Mike compares Naquin to Bryce Harper (not really...)
  • Indians improved drafting and system development
  • The second wave could be better than the Clint Frazier, Bradley Zimmer, Bobby Bradley core.
  • The weekly John Grimm plug
  • Erik Gonzalez is as good as Francisco Lindor in some circles (HELL NO)? Don't hang out in those circles
  • Will the Indians make a BIG move if they continue to win? Jay Bruce? Charlie Blackmon? Carlos Beltran?
  • It's important to note that I say, 20-game lead, but I meant, 20 games over .500. I was rolling, just deal with it.
  • GOING FOR IT MEANS...not playing in the wildcard
  • Jim says he wants to stay he doesn't...Bullpen banter
  • Mike Aviles syndrome is a thing?
  • Cody Allen's elitism
  • Michael Martinez rant from Jim, while Mike calmly responds...
  • Now Jim's ranting about Chris Gimenez, and how HE makes Trevor Bauer and Yu Darvish awesome. (I know it's a v, and not a w, I was ranting, bear with me)
  • Mike talks Bauer-sense
  • Jim will be Francona's float for the next parade?
  • Are the Indians the best team in the American League?
  • Mike Napoli hanging on the edge and staying healthy?
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