The Tribe 9: The #JRam batflip edition

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Twitter me this #Indians fans: it's time to proclaim far too much emphasis for your Cleveland Indians, after two really cold and snowy (!!!) baseball games. With the Tribe sitting at 1-1 and one-game behind both the White Sox and Tigers, it's time to make random conclusions, sinister and wonderful diatribe regarding the demise and superstardom of the roster, and of course, to scoreboard watch.

I mean, it's April 8th, and the Indians are playing baseball. Not everything is supposed to make freakin' sense, is it?
  1. Francisco Lindor is leading off. While he wouldn't be my top choice for the job, I'm interested in Terry Francona clearly shuffling around the line-up this April, with Brantley's bat out of the line-up. As to Lindor? He struggled last night batting lead-off, but sheesh, it's the second game. There's not a worry to be had. He has the speed and bat control to do the job.

  2. Jose Ramirez as the #2 hitter is so wonderful. No, #JRam isn't a perfect player, even though I portray him as such on the interwebs. Yet, there's so much statistically to like, and he has an attitude that screams, "STAR!" So, we all know that either you carry that ego because of how you play, or you carry that ego, and are just a joke. #JRam isn't a joke. He had two hits, but what will ultimately carry Ramirez to the top of the order is his walk rate. He doesn't walk much, and will need to improve that. Now, his outfield play is something different altogether. He can play the position athletically, and anyone that questions that likely don't understand...well...much. But when you're an infielder, moving to the outfield, there are variables that are impossible to overcome without time. He hasn't had that. Expect issues to continue until he has the time to overcome that. Oh, and his helmet flies off. It's fun, but not when it's all that anyone talks about. I'm almost sorry I mentioned it.

  3. If Mike Napoli is truly healthy this year, and if there isn't massive regression because of age, I can't help to ponder a middle-of-the-order of Gomes, Napoli and Santana, in one form or another. Both Napoli and Santana hit big home runs, and all three had walks to get on base. If the bottom of the order does anything this year, the Tribe is going to score a ton of runs. This team's best hitters are productive at getting on base. Napoli did strike out three times on Tuesday, but there is some risk/reward there. There will be days we want to punch a hole in the wall, but I'd be willing to bet there are more smiles than bloody knuckes. Holy cow, wait until Brantley partakes in this joy and wonder.

  4. IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT! CARRASCO AND KLUBER DIDN'T LOOK AWESOME! NOOOOOO!!!! Oh yeah, it was their first start. Sure, the knock is that great pitchers are great. Look, They're great, and had moments of great. Yeah, Carlos gave up three homers, and seven hits. Yeah, those three home runs were given up on gopher-ish fastballs that were too far up in the zone. I wouldn't count on that continuing. Kluber is ice, has two of the best pitches in baseball, and should maintain at the top of the rotation. Carrasco may be just as good, and has everything plus. He just didn't have his good stuff on Wednesday, and while he battled into the sixth inning, his struggles got figured out. Boston should be thankful. That won't happen much this year.

  5. April baseball in Cleveland sucks, but it's baseball, and I still love it. No, you can't just say, "the Indians should play on the road the first couple weeks of the season," or maybe you can. No, the Indians aren't building a dome over the stadium, unless it somehow takes away more seats that won't get filled. No, MLB's money crunchers won't let the season start later, and shorten the regular season. Good sense rarely is sensible where it counts. So, April baseball in Cleveland. Painful. Oh, and whoever killed my SUV's transmission on the way to my first game of the season, and my kid's first game of their lives, to hell with you.

  6. THIS:
    I'm not really sure why I love this so much. Okay, obviously, they have moves that we all need to learn, and at EHC, we will. Seriously, how damn hilarious is this? So let's just prove that I can dive into Slamtana-dance way too damn much and just plain like the fact that this team seems loose. Carlos, who I figured would be disgruntled by his lack of on-the-field play, is just damn "HAPPY." I love happy Carlos. I love happy Kipnis. I love the Indians offense scoring a boatload of runs to support a staff that will do its fair share of wonder.

  7. I'm still not worried about Bauer in the pen, even if you are.
As we take a break here in the bottom of the seventh, please take a moment to watch this #JRam moment from last year.

Learn it. Live it. Love it. The Indians play at Minnesota on April 25th at 8:10 P.M. I firmly expect many to jump on the #JRam bandwagon by then, and this video will get more play than that "Charlie bit my finger" video. I'm starting the party early. It's this attitude that makes me love Ramirez. Not irrational teeter-tottering because I'm shamelessly unashamed of wanting Lonnie Chisenhall's play limited.
  1. So, I don't want Zach McAllister, Bryan Shaw and Cody Allen getting burned out. So, I need Trevor Bauer to earn some time in the back end of this pen. While I was pretty impressed with McAllister rolling out 1 2/3 innings of outstanding work, I can't help but think "overuse." I know, I two...simmer.

  2. I don't know why, but I just like Rajai Davis and Marlon Byrd. So, here's a complete Jim thing to say. They look like professional baseball players. Jerry Sands looked like a 50's TV Show caricature. I couldn't help but think the Fonz was waiting in the dugout, looking for a Juke Box to hit to play his favorite tunes (right now, millions of my millennial friends are wondering what in the hell I'm talking about). They didn't play old. They looked like they knew how to win. Holy crap, I just used irrational thought.
Welcome to my world.
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