The Carrasco injury, Santana hitting lead-off, and Chill-Mode over--EHC Podcast 53

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When Carlos Carrasco fell down this past weekend, clutching his hamstring, you could hear the collective groan of the Cleveland masses, pondering the end of baseball existence for the 2016 season. Carrasco had slowly worked his way into becoming an ace, and while on the precipice of perhaps his best season, it seemed another bad-luck incident for the Indians and Carrasco, on the way to the playoffs.'s Hayden Grove and EHC's Jim Pete take a look at Carrasco's injury, and the realities of "4-6 weeks" when a pitcher hurts his hamstring. They also ponder how the injury could domino into the rest of the rotation, and talk about Cody Anderson and Danny Salazar concerns, and if they're really concerns in light of Carrasco's stint on the DL.

Other topics covered in the podcast:
  1. Mabel's BBQ
  2. Trevor Bauer's return to the rotation
  3. The Indians are 9-9, without Michael Brantley
  4. How the Indians line-up is an "extremely poor man's 2007 Red Sox"
  5. Lindor leadership?
  6. Tyler Naquin's surprise start
  7. LeBron James and the Big 3 exiting Chill Mode
  8. Tyronn Lue's rise, and the truly strange season it's been
  9. The 2016 Cavs, and the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes?
  10. Is the Browns front office handling things the right way?
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