Carrasco? Ramirez? It's JRam retribution night and Prince

While most of Cleveland was discussing Carlos Carrasco's hamstring and Michael Brantley's return to the fold, the real news of the night may be connected to a game played late last year. During the September 30th game between your Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Twins, Jose Ramirez gave Minneapolis a lot to talk about.

With the Indians up 7-1, #JRam walked up to the plate after the Twins had intentionally walked Jason Kipnis. Ramirez responded with this blast, followed by the now infamous bat flip. Twins manager Paul Molitor and the Twins dugout was less than happy:

The following night, the last game between the two teams for the 2015 season, the Twins didn't retaliate. The speculation was that Molitor and his pitching staff were laying back, and would wait for a less-than-obvious time to send a message to the bat-flipping bravado of Ramirez.

Tonight, Ramirez returns to the Twin Cities after a long winter's break, and while the bat flip might be a distant memory for many, it's doubtful the Twins' roster and manager have forgotten. With the Twins returning home for the first time since the death of the cities' native son Prince, might Molitor bring the Purple Rain down on #JRam?

While some may say the retaliation will happen When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy for a minute and speculate that tonight is the night the Twins pitching staff gives #JRam a special Kiss. The only question left is whether or not Ramirez can live the 'deep Pop Life' and Gett Off the ground after the message is sent. My bet?

JRam will hop in that Little Red Corvette of his, do something that surely sends his Raspberry Beret flying off his head as he rounds third and heads for home, and in the end...

...the Indians will be partying like it's 1999.

RIP Prince...

While I apologize for my bad puns, tonight could be an interesting night, if only for the #PurpleforPrince night. Each Twins player has Prince walk up songs, and the Twins will be playing 'Little Red Corvette" for the seventh inning stretch of every home game. Fans will be encouraged to wear purple, and the night will be filled with the magical music of one of the greatest musicians of a generation.

And of course, there's #JRam and the Twins, and the Twins and JRam, and if we're lucky...#JRam will..."Smoke them all, with an intellect, and a savoir-faire, no one in the whole universe will ever compare..."

But I digress...
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