Do the Indians have the best catching tandem in the Major Leages?--EHC Podcast 31

  Yan Gomes and Roberto Perez--Ed Zurga/Getty Images  
The Cleveland Indians took a massive hit at the start of 2015 thanks to a knee injury that kept Yan Gomes out of action from April 11th through May 24. As noted in an interview with Tribe manager Terry Francona, Gomes then returned to early, and he struggled offensively through much of the year.

It wasn't all bad though.

Out of the ashes of Gomes' injury emerged Roberto Perez, a defensive wizard that slowly but surely made his way through the Indians' farm system, despite suffering from Bell's palsy. Perez immediately stepped in and handled the Indians' group of talented starters effectively, added decent power, has an advanced eye at the plate, and became a valuable commodity both defensively and with the stick.

While there were rumors that the Indians were looking to deal Perez, it turns out that they had other plans. Both catchers are returning in 2016, and it will be curious to see how Francona handles both talented players.

EHC's Jim Pete and Mike Hattery discussed both Indians' catching options, as they head into the upcoming season, and ponder how they will be utilized, and if they could find themselves in the line-up...together.

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