Firing David Blatt: A Cavaliers Hate Story--EHC Podcast 28

The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired their-now-former Head Coach, David Blatt, this past Thursday, in what can only be stated as the most shocking, unshocking move. While it's hard to fathom how a team could fire a coach that was 30-11 and first in the East this season (and 84-40 overall), it's been rumored since nearly the day LeBron chose to return to the Cavaliers.

In today's podcast, EHC's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete discuss the controversial move in detail, covering all of the fantastic, enigmatic, only-in-Cleveland details. We talk about Blatt's record, and his relationships with the players, especially LeBron James. We also dive into LeBron as a player and GM, and how this really is a situation that has unique characteristics, thanks to LeBron James being the "best player of his generation."

While there is plenty of ranting-and-raving, we also discuss Tyronn Lue's really tough job going forward, and what he could do to make this a really good move. We hope you give us a listen:

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