The Cleveland Indians and the Hotstove Season--EHC Podcast #26

 (which way will the Cookie crumble?)
The Cleveland Indians entered the off-season with a couple of needs, and both in the outfield: a right fielder, and a full-time center fielder. While many would consider Lonnie Chisenhall and Abraham Almonte as solid-enough-defenders to take both spots full-time, the concern would be whether or not the Indians can improve in 2016 without an offensive improvement in either position, and preferably, both. With the Indians stocked at the top of their rotation, the unicorn-like impact bat seems to top the Tribe's war-room list-of-desires.

Acquiring such a unicorn-like player has been pretty vexing, and with some of the major free agents beginning to matriculate towards other teams looking to improve, social media has been pecking at the Indians' front office to make a splash.

But what should the Indians give up, and who is really available?

Clearly, teams will be pounding down Mike Chernoff's door, asking for starting people. Fans have been almost gleeful at the thought of dealing one the the Indians BIG 3, Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar, if the return is a top bat, or a can't-miss prospect. There's also some unrealistic expectations for the returns of Cody Anderson and Trevor Bauer, as solitary prospects.

Can the Indians find the right bat, the right defenders, and the right value, and should the Indians risk losing one of the best starters in the league to acquire such a player?

Jim Pete and Mike Hattery return to your ear buds for this "wipe-off-the-rust" editions of "EHC, the podcast."

Be expecting more...a lot more.

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