Podcast: Talking Indian's Prospects with Jeff Ellis

The Indians system took a large step forward in 2015 as it graduated Lindor and  elite prospects like Frazier, Zimmer and Sheffield took huge steps forward. I talked with Jeff Ellis from about the depth of the system as well as some of the more divisive names.

1:01 Indians system strength, is this the deepest it has been in a decade?
3:00 What do the tiers in the system look like?
5:12 What can we expect from Tyler Naquin? Is he overvalued?
6:25-7:30 Is dead air time thanks to the wonders of modern technological devices
!0:30: Erik Gonazalez, is he still relevant?
12:30: The Indians had huge years from 18-20 year olds: Frazier, Sheffield,....

The final two topics, discussed most extensively: the upside of Yandy Diaz and whether Frazier or Zimmer merits the #1 ranking in the system.

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