Tribe Time Now Podcast #25: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Note: There's a rumor that EHC's co-founder and managing editor (that would be me) was mentioned in this piece by host Joe Coblitz (@BRBBlog) in his first TTN episode takeover. Please note that images may be closer than they appear. I have no idea what that means other than to assume that it involves my utter disdain for one Lonnie Chisenhall.
Here's my "ode to Lonnie:"
Oh great Lonnie...Chis-en-hall...please take my utter disdain and shove it down my throat by being the best damn player you can be. My hope of all hopes is that your Cleveland Indians...our Cleveland a damn title before I die. If you somehow throw a perfect game and hit for the cycle in a deciding Game 7, I will herald you as the greatest player of all-time.
In other words, my goal isn't to be right, it's to be sitting in Cleveland enjoying a ticker-tape parade one late October day. Everything else is just noise...;).
Joe Coblitz (@BRBBlog) has finally taken over the Tribe Time Now podcast and Mike Brandyberry (@DidTribeWin) helps him out. Discussed in with are the Indians current troubles thanks to their weak (and getting weaker) lineup. In addition, we get deep into whether or not Chris Antonetti & Mark Shapiro are good at their jobs and whether losing Francona would be worth firing them. Finally, they get in to why some players are loved & others are hated. Be warned: not nice things might be said about that guy you like.


  • Current State of things
  • Weekend Lineup
  • Bunting with Lindor
  • To Fire Antonetti or retain Francona
  • Likeable Players
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