First thoughts on Trading Bourn and Swisher--EHC Podcast 24

(Chuck Crow/Plain Dealer) 
The Indians did the unthinkable this past week when they traded Michael Bourn, Nick Swisher, and a boatload of money to the Atlanta Braves, for Chris Johnson and his super-massive contract. Without knowing the exact money exchanging hands from Cleveland to Atlanta, EHC's Adam Burke, Michael Hattery and I sat down and talked about the tangible parts of this deal, and what it means for the Indians going forward.

While some new information has leaked out since, this podcast still tells the story as well as anyone else's.

Here's the Box Score:
  • Ah yes, before we get into the deal, we need to talk about the 2015 season...
  • scrap-heap guys
  • an outfield full of Aviles, Sands know where this is going
  • the Indians aren't going to answer their question with 50 PA in September
  • a Kipnis return means what for JRam?
  • (not) ignoring Chris Johnson
  • It's Antonetti's turn to handle the roster, and how he can do it...
  • So, how good was the Bourn and Swisher deal?
  • Buying time, and unloading Chris Johnson?
  • Props to the Dolans
  • Being aggressive in the A.L. Central during the Hot Stove season
  • What kind of bat can they get?
  • The value of Carrasco and Salazar
  • High value prospects and players are all about baseball currency
  • Trading Kluber?
  • Signing Free Agents...again? Really?
  • Building a bridge to the youngsters
  • Josh Reddick?
  • Oh yeah, we talk about Carlos Santana and his value...and actually talk about how a front office looks at him, not just us fans. Adam hits it out of the park here
  • Santana's value in a trade
  • If Chris Johnson makes Santana available...I mean...what?
Here's the audio:

Here's the video:

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