"This is it, the (Cavs) summer of LOVE" EHC Podcast #21

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Consider this the calm before the Cleveland Cavaliers' storm.

While much focus (for good reason) has been made of the 2014 Cavaliers' offseason in which they hired a new coach in David Blatt, brought back LeBron James, traded two first round picks for Kevin Love and re-signed All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, the 2015 offseason may yet prove to be the biggest in the history of the franchise.


Let's start with LeBron James re-signing with the club. If you had doubts as a fan that LeBron wasn't #AllIn, toss those fears into a trash can with Bron's 2010 jersey. Both James and Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert are clearly putting their money (quite literally, for Gilbert) where their mouth is. James signed a one-year deal while he waits for bigger money next year, once the salary cap raises, but wasn't the biggest move made by the Cavs.

That honor goes to Kevin Love, who backed up his multiple statements that he was in for the long haul here in Cleveland by signing a possible five-year deal to return to The Land, in what could be the biggest free agent signing of a player not "returning home" in the history of the franchise. What this ensures Cavaliers' fans is that the core group of Love, James and Irving will be together until the 2020 season, and should contend for NBA titles for as long as they're healthy.

Ahhhh yes, the summer of Love.

Here's the box score:

  • It's fun watching James manipulate the media.
  • Is Kevin Love's signing the biggest in the history of the franchise (I mean, aside from the obvious)?
  • Was Love's injury a precursor to the melding of a team that's drive is to bring a title home to Cleveland?
  • Will the Cavs bring back Matthew Dellavedova and J.R. Smith?
  • Who is Sasha Kaun, and can/should the Cavs sign him?
  • What will the Cavs do with Brendan Haywood's contract: find a player to fill a hole, or nab themselves a trade exception (excuse the references by your truly for a "cap exception," I'm an idiot.
  • Hello Mo Williams!
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