The Cleveland Indians at the All-Star break--EHC Podcast 19

EHC's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete discuss your Cleveland Indians at the All-Star break. The Cleveland Indians are 42-46, and haven't quite hit their stride. EHC 19 takes a look at where the Indians are and why, and what they may or may not do to make it to the playoffs in 2015 and beyond.

Here's the box score:
  • The All-Star game sucks
  • A summary of the Indians' biggest problem in the first half of the season
  • How big a deal has Yan Gomes injury been this year?
  • The struggles of the Indians offense
  • Carlos Santana is a rabbit-hole...good, bad or indifferent
  • The Jason Kipnis experience--can he hold up?
  • The Giovanny Urshela and Francisco bump
  • Range-y
  • Why in the hell does Terry Francona keep putting Michael Brantley in center field?
  • What about Tyler Holt?
  • Wait, Manship?
  • The Antonetti/Francona experience, in comparison to John Hart and Mike Hargrove
  • This front office is good, right?
  • Terry Francona is good at player relationships, so why do we need MORE "locker room guys?"
  • The Indians could go after Cameron Maybin or Carlos Gomez, or not
  • Dumb-ass salaries
  • Does a guy in center fix it?
  • Get this team in the playoffs, and let this rotation get after it
  • Second Half predictions
  • They're shitty
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