Terry Francona, "...trouble in paradise..." EHC Podcast 20

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I'm not going to disclaimer this podcast. It is what it is.

In analyzing any team that's struggling, you have to spotlight the entire team, including on-the-field and off-the-field management.

EHC's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete, while acknowledging that Terry Francona is one of the top five or ten baseball managers on the planet, take a good long look at both the mistakes on the roster, as well as the mistakes on the field that have been made over the course of Francona's tenure. Look, the guy won 92 and 85 games in his first two seasons as manager here, and while that can't be overlooked, as a fan, you have to wonder if some of his managing mistakes could have actually cost the Indians games this year.

Here's the box score:
  • The Indians eight man bullpen
  • The Indians lack of center field options on the active roster
  • What in the hell is the use of an eight-man pen, if your starting rotation is going deep into games, and your top three pen arms still have 40+ appearances?
  • Why isn't Tyler Holt on this roster?
  • Why have Mike Aviles and Francisco Lindor lived in the two hole for 40+ games?
  • Francisco Lindor is clearly frustrated, and had to be talked to about running down the first base line. Is part of this because he's carrying the burden of hitting second?
  • How many wins is Terry Francona costing this team, if any?
  • What role does Chris Antonetti play in the manipulation of roster parts?
  • When can a front office, on-field management friendship get in the way of producing playoff teams?
  • What's the real difference between Antonetti/Francona and Epstein/Francona and Hart/Hargrove?
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