"God himself could not sink the Indians ship" EHC Podcast 22

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"If they get swept by the White Sox, I think it might be time to shake things up..."

The Indians are in last place, 14 games out of first place, and 6 1/2 games out of the last wild card spot. If we're to be clear, there are eight teams ahead of the Indians in the Wild Card chase, and only two behind them.

That's not good.

Here's the problem. What is the problem? If you look at the offense, there are pieces there that should be producing, and are, at times. Why can't this team put it all together for a big run?

Indians Baseball Insider's Beat Reporter Hayden Grove makes his EHC debut talking Cleveland Indians baseball, and it turned into a real "outside the box" conversation. With Jason Kipnis being the one big bat in this lineup, should he move down a bit in the order? As a lead-off hitter, there really hasn't been a guy that's consistently been able to move him around the bases.

That opens up another conundrum.

Who then bats lead-off?

Hayden and Jim peruse the wire for a lead-off guy, but wonder out loud if the answer could be on that minor league roster, and if the Indians can really do anything with an overabundance of players.

Hayden and I talk about a lot here, from trade deadline, to fan dichotomy to management of my favorite podcasts...

Here's the box score:
  • Is this the "Weekend and Bernie's" Podcast that nearly happened two years ago?
  • What will the Indians do at the trade deadline?
  • "one of the most enigmatic teams I've ever been privileged to have watched..."
  • The line-up mess
  • The rarity of a big bat
  • Should Jason Kipnis be in the middle of the order, and if he is, who leads off?
  • A Big Deal could be a Small Deal?
  • Hayden shares a bit from talking with Chris Antonetti last Friday
  • Tyler Naquin? James Ramsey? Tyler Holt?
  • Oh wait, there's a logjam in the outfield, that's right
  • Hold it, trade Carlos Carrasco?
  • Corey Kluber isn't untradeable? Carlos Carrasco isn't untradeable?
  • Chris Antonetti is willing to make any move to improve the club.
  • Antonetti won't get taken to the cleaners
  • The Ubaldo deal worked out just fine
  • Steve Orbanek loves Ubaldo
  • Why deal for Gomez, when Zimmer seems to be knocking on the door, and is more cost effective?
  • The Indians always think about the future
  • Are deadline deals smart?
  • Mike Aviles
  • How the Indians handle their players is commendable, including Aviles and Carlos Carrasco
  • The dichotomy of Cleveland Indians' fans
  • We talked a lot...listen to hear the rest...
The audio:

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