Tribe Time Now--Weekend Update #11: The Will to Win

In order to get an outside perspective on the Indians offensive struggles, Joe (@BRBBlog) enlisted Cincinnati Reds super fan and founder of The Will to Win Sports, Will Hart (@TWTWSports) for the Weekend Update. The truth may hurt, but it needed to be said. Among the various topics covered in this very special episode were the Indians leader in TWTW (The Will to Win), why Carlos Santana doesn’t have it, what TWTW really means, why Omar Infante deserves to start in the All-Star game and why Corey Kluber is a loser. Finally, we get down to brass tacks about which is better, WAR or GRIT, a win or a loss and Applebees or Chilis. 


No Runs 
Blame Carlos 
Kluber is a Loser 

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