Tribe Time Now Podcast #19: Down the Carlos Santana Rabbit Hole

Mike Brandyberry (@didtribewin) of Did the Tribe Win Last Night? joins Jim Pete (@jimpeteehc) of Everybody Hates Cleveland. In this episode, Mike and Jim talk about where the Indians currently stand in the landscape of baseball, ponder what in the hell is going on with the Tigers, take a look at the inside moves the Tribe has made of late and whether there are any more they can make, and discuss potential trades at the deadline.


The Indians are in “pretention”

Why do the Tigers always kick our teeth in?

Did the Indians move too slowly in bringing up Urshela, Lindor & Anderson?

Do the Indians have the guts to dump Bourn and/or Swisher?

Can the Indians do anything at the deadline?

The Carlos Santana puzzle piece, does he fit with the Indians, will they trade him?

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