Tribe Time Now Podcast #9: It..IS...@BRBBlog Dammit

After finally hashing out the correct twitter handle for our guest, Ryan (@RThompAK13) from More Than a Fan: Cleveland and Joe (@BRBBlog) from Burning River Baseball get down to brass tax regarding Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Game 1 & 2, and discuss the economics of sports in this week’s episode of the Tribe Time Now podcast!

In tonight’s podcast we discuss:

Game 1 

The team against left-handed pitching

Game 2 

lineups and substitutions because of Brantley’s absence
Argument for Tyler Holt and Jesus Aguilar on team

Ryan Raburn, sports economics and decision theory 

Sports economics as it pertains to Ryan Raburn
Why is Raburn in the 7 hole?
Strategy as it pertains to the batting order
How Jose Altuve changes the game as it pertains to run creation
Big strike zone in game 1

Chuck @familyman2016 

“I doubt we will win 90 games but I really really hope I’m wrong about that, Cleveland is no longer a Baseball city, I hate it”

Kluber Carrasco deals and the economics around the deals

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