Daredevil Episode 6 Review: "Condemned"

There's something to filming all the episodes as though they are one large movie. There's definitely a "serial" feel to Daredevil, as the end of every episode has felt both important, and as the culmination of something special.

What an ending to "World on Fire," indeed.

While Matt Murdock discussed how he saw the world on fire, the title also alluded to the explosive finale, that saw the world of Hell's Kitchen explode in front of most of our main characters. The outcome left Page and Nelson laying in a pile of glass and rubble, and our hero, Daredevil, about to be captured by the police.

I left that episode conflicted for a couple of reasons. In a normal series, there's no way he gets captured by the cops. Of course, this isn't a normal series. I mean, if he gets captured, then ultimately unmasked, do they buy that Murdock is this masked crusader?

He's blind for crying out loud.

Of course, option two is that he doesn't get captured, and for that to happen, chaos will likely ensue. He needs to talk to Vladimir to get closer to Fisk, so the potential for mayhem is at a high level.

So many storylines that are up in the air at this point. You have Murdock/Temple, Nelson/Page and Fisk/Vanessa all either heating up, or dying out, dependent on your take. The Russian syndicate seems to be wiped out, and then there's Ben Urich and Page, hunting down Fisk on their own.

This is just Episode Six coming up? If you haven't watched, don't read...Spoilers loom...

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"The moment you put on the mask, you got in the cage with animals. Animals don't stop fighting, not until one of them is dead. What Fisk did to me, he'll do to you. He will do it to everyone you care about."
You could feel this coming, couldn't you? Fisk hinted at framing Daredevil for Anatoly's murder, but in the grand scheme of things, it was only small potatoes to sidetrack Vladimir.

It worked.

Now Fisk has upped his game.

This show was a slow burn that had Daredevil dragging a dying Vladimir around a condemned building, while under siege from the New York City police department, half of which seems under the control of Fisk.

Now, there's a lot that was special about this episode, but the best part of it was the growing bond between DD and Vladimir. Now don't get me wrong, these two were nothing more than grudging partners in the end, but the ladder that they climbed to get there was fun to watch.

First, DD saves him at the start of the episode. He then saves him again, when he cauterizes a bullet wound with a roadside flare. Then Vlad draws DD in by telling him he knows a name that can bring Fisk to him as a decoy to attack him. This leads to a pretty nice fight that ends with the two falling two stories through the floors of the rotting building. Of course, Vlad dies, only to be brought back by DD after slamming his chest. "You died. I brought you back."

By the end of the episode, Vladimir helps DD pull open a vent to the sewers, and they make their escape. The SWAT team attacks, and they fight them off, putting an automatic weapon into Vladimir's hand. "I think I stay."

Vladimir stays, and buys DD time to get away, but not before Vlad tells him he'll have to kill Fisk. He gives him Leland Owlsley's name, and we hear his last stand, as the screen fades to black with DD walking away with a purpose, and Vladimir's gunshots in the background.

That was fun.

While all of this was taking place, Fisk was busy burying "The Mask." A crooked cop kills a man at when DD escapes, and the framing is on. Later in the episode, Blake, and two more cops are sniped in public, and then another cop, captured by DD and tied up, was killed as well. Now, the Murdock side of this should be okay, since a blind man couldn't possibly Daredevil, but I'm starting to think that the black mask could be gone.

Might this be the beginning of a new get up?

While the depth of bonding between Vlad and DD was the backbone of this episode, the focal point was something else entirely: Fisk and DD talk for the first time, and according to Fisk, the last time.

The similarities between the two are interesting. They both wear black, and they both want to improve Hell's Kitchen. I love the start of the conversation, in which they both refuse to give their names. I hadn't even thought of that piece.
"Life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
Fisk talks of his admiration of what DD wants to do, but really ties everything up. Fisk has set up DD perfectly. The black mask has hurt cops, blown up the city and kidnapped a cop. Fisk offers a way out, by killing Vlad, but DD hides behind needs to stay away from death.

There's admiration, but Fisk is definitive in DD's end game, and snipes the cops during this conversation.

Fisk wins, then rolls tape of Daredevil beating the cops during his escape with Vladmir at the start of the show.

Weaved into this was Ben Urich diving into this headfirst, and Foggy ending up in the Emergency Room, with Karen Page by his side. Matt also tells Claire that she was right about him, and essentially tells her goodbye.

We'll see how prophetic that becomes.

Can this show get any better?

and where in the hell is Stick?
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