Dire Straights for the Cleveland Indians--EHC Podcast 16

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We love Cleveland Indians' baseball.

We hate Cleveland Indians' baseball when they are losing...a lot. Over the past three weeks, the Indians have been doing just that, and there seems to be a whole bunch of reasons why.

Today, Jim Pete, Nino Colla and Mike Hattery jump into the Cleveland Indians season, and take a close look at their poor 7-13 start. With expectations high in Cleveland, and to many in the media across the nation, several questions have cropped up as to why the Indians have struggled out of the gate.

Here's the lineup:
  • What is the Indians' biggest flaw in April?
  • Why does Terry Francona put so much weight in Mike Aviles and his "ability"?
  • Are we on the eve of Francisco Lindor?
  • What's wrong with Jose Ramirez?
  • Can Nick Swisher help the club out going forward?
  • Who is the next player to get the call-up from Columbus after Swisher?
  • Is there something wrong with the Indians' offense?
  • How about that starting rotation? Are they that good, or will we see a regression?
Here's the video, because we're handsome:

Here's the audio

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