Daredevil Episode 10: "Nelson v. Murdock"

The title has me pretty excited.

Episode 9 ended with Foggy Nelson discovering that the Black Mask is also his blind law partner and friend, Matt Murdock. This episode can go in so many different directions, but the title suggests that it's not going to be a friendly episode.

Not only does Foggy not love this Mask that's been dealing vigilante justice across his neighborhood home, but it goes against everything he's about as a lawyer, not to mention the honesty issues this should bring up.

In all honesty, if they just brush this over and everything is hunky-dory afterwards, then they aren't doing things right.

I'm not to ecstatic with how they've dealt with relationships thusfar in the series, so they have to hit a home run with how they handle Foggy and Murdock/Daredevil, now that Foggy knows. It's going to be a tough one though, but to do it right, this needs to play out over episodes, not just one.

Of course, in a series that's done most everything right, I have high hopes.

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"What the hell do I know about Matt Murdock."
Foggy Nelson is an interesting character without this episode. You have a guy that absolutely loves money, and equally, loves justice. Elden Henson plays this role so damn perfect, hidden behind the veil of humor.

If you've ever seen the movie "Twister," or "Scent of a Woman," there's a hint of early Philip Seymour Hoffman in his portrayal of Foggy. He's loaded with sarcasm to keep things light, but beneath it all, you get a real sense that there's something a whole lot more serious going on. While I think there could be big things for Henson moving forward, it's a huge get for this series.

Obviously, this is a show the centers on Murdock and Nelson...Nelson and Murdock...complete with flashback scenes back to college and beyond.

But Henson really shines here. How he manages to make me laugh my ass off while really being serious speaks both to the writing, and to the delivery. When he flips Matt off early in the episode while screaming at him, "How many fingers am I holding up," made me nearly piss my pants.

He walks that line here between humor and anger, between friendship and "frenemies," and really takes this fairly "action-less" show up a notch for me.

Nelson spends the show clearly in physical and emotional pain.

The backstory shows them at the start of their college careers, and the end, in a touching, drunken discussion in which you can see that these two really care about each other. We see the history of the name Murdock and Nelson, and how Matt nearly spilled the beans to his friend right then and there.

We see them turn down a partnership for a small office. We see them at Josie's prior to their office opening, with a drawing of the sign, "Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law." It's a sign that Foggy had just made.

The backstory and current story converges when he tells Foggy of the first time he went out as a vigilante.

In the real and now, Foggy tries to work though it. He asks his friend if he has killed, and even though hasn't, he can't get past it. Nelson walks away from Matt in the end, with both fighting off tears. It's a great scene, but one that leaves us in the dark with regards to what happens between them going forward.

The show ends with Foggy filling the box he took from their intern law job and walking out of their current office, but not before he tosses out the Nelson and Murdock sign in the garbage. Ahhhh, to the unknown.

If only Matt had told his friend the truth.
  • Gao meets with Fisk again, clearly worried about where Fisk is going. She mentions Nobu's "clan," and how they'll likely be back. My god, are they setting up a second season? Please say yes. But the Gao talk is interesting. She's such a mystery, and you can see that Fisk doesn't know what to make of her. There's power there we don't know about...yet.
  • Urich is with his wife in this episode, who clearly has Alzheimer's, or dimentia. Their relationship is touching, and painful, and a nice connection to the main story here.
  • "Are you trying to tell me that you didn't take Spanish to snuggle up to...what's her name...the GREEK girl?...whatever happened to her?" "It didn't work out." Hello!  HELLO! DO I NEED TO SPELL THIS ONE OUT FOR YOU!!!! Oh, I can't wait until season two.
  • Karen and Ben find Fisk's mother, and a chink in the armor. Where in the hell is this going to go?
  • Someone tried to kill Vanessa. It's treated as a sidestory here, but you have to believe that it's either Gao, or potentially Owlsley. It could be the hand?
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