5 reasons to watch Daredevil on Netflix

Marvel's Daredevil will be the first of a group of Marvel/Netflix series that will add another dimension to the every-expanding Marvel Universe.

While Daredevil will debut on April 10th, four more Marvel series will follow, including 'A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Power Man, Iron Fist and The Defenders, a group of heroes that will ultimately blend the Netflix Universe together into one group.

While the multi-series Netflix arc is pretty exciting for the Marvel fans, Daredevil is no doubt the standard bearer for all of the movies. As we count the days down to the April 10th binge-weekend, here's an early primer for some things to look for during season 1 of Daredevil, and beyond.

The potential connections to Marvel's Cinematic Universe:

There are so many different directions to go here, that it's truly mind-boggling. While it's already known that Daredevil will eventually team up with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron fist to become a member of the Defenders, it's also possible that he could eventually be a part of the Avengers (he joined the New Avengers in the comics). While I don't see that likely, it's possible.

Even if he doesn't join the Avengers going forward, there is a distinct possibility that he could become a part of the Infinity Wars during the final two parts of the Avengers movies, or more likely, become a part of the Civil Wars saga between Captain America and Iron Man. Daredevil had a small role in the Civil War series, but was pro-Cap, and Matt Murdock, the lawyer, could be in the fight to keep heroes from having to register their identity with the government.

Daredevil has many storied relationships with Cinematic Superheroes, including the Black Widow, Black Panther (who has spent a bunch of time in Hell's Kitchen), and perhaps the biggest crossover potential, with whoever the new Spider-Man might be. They've always had a tenuous, snarky relationship which could be fun to explore on the big screen, and let's not forget that Wilson Fisk, Daredevil's big baddy, is a Spider-Man villain as well.

The potential for multiple T.V. crossovers outside of the MCU:

There are so many directions this could go, obviously starting with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Daredevil was always on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar, and Nick Fury ultimately offered Daredevil a chance to become a member of his organization. Daredevil, being Daredevil, of course, turned down that opportunity. Hell's Kitchen is home for the blind avenger, so joining teams aren't usually a part of his agenda. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if we see crossovers at some point. The fit is too easy.

Perhaps the most interesting potential though isn't with S.H.I.E.L.D., but with Kyle MacLachlan's Calvin Zabo, who is Mister Hyde in both the comics and the MCU. Hyde is a character that Daredevil has crossed paths with on several occasions. I don't believe there have been any characters from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. announced for Daredevil, but you never really know what you're going to get with Marvel and their penchant for Easter Eggs in everything.

Of course, we already know the obvious Netflix crossovers with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and Iron Fist, but there are many different directions this could go should this show continue past one season.

The potential NOT to have to connect to Marvel's Cinematic Universe:

Part of the allure of Daredevil for me over the years has been his ability to stay OUT of the bigger mix. When the first Super Hero Secret Wars took place in the early 80's, Daredevil was left behind, and only made the second because Marvel was trying to tie in EVERY book. He was a part of the Civil Wars storyline, and while he had an important role, it was a small one. He literally was wiped out of existence at the beginning of the Infinity Wars.

Marvel has done an amazing job connecting everything together, and they've done it with a series of impressive movies and solid T.V. shows. The problem is that it's really hard to bring in new fans and new readers when you have to know the rest of the Universe to have one iota of a clue what's going on.

Matt Murdock and his alter-ego are staunch defenders of Hell's Kitchen, and his "universe" generally doesn't involve the largess that is the Avengers and the rest of the MCU. While Marvel's Agent Carter had the obvious connections to the MCU, what made it special to me was the simple fact that you could watch it as a stand alone period piece.

Daredevil will have a different look, but will similarly carry it's own identity that is very different from the other pieces of the MCU...or at least it should.

Kingpin is Vincent D'Onofrio. Vincent D'Onofrio is Kingpin:

The Cast is going to simply be amazing. Charlie Cox was outstanding as Owen Sleater in Boardwalk Empire, and has that internal fire that will make Daredevil brilliant. I'm pretty sure Scott Glenn was born to play Stick, and Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll should be pretty brilliant too.

But c'mon, is anyone going to touch what D'Onofrio is likely to do with Wilson Fisk, A.K.A., the Kingpin?

I'll give you the easy answer...


Who is the Kingpin? He's a massive man, who is both extremely strong, and wily smart. At the same time, he lacks control of his emotions, and carries himself often like a teen who isn't getting his way. In other words, he plays a part that has to be both physically and mentally challenging, as well as completely in control, and completely out of control, all at the same time.

They couldn't have hired a better actor, who has played quirky characters in movies such as 'Full Metal Jacket,' 'Men In Black,' and the T.V. Series, 'Law and Order, Criminal Intent.' Fisk will perhaps offer him his most audacious role, and the actor who has spent time on both the big and small screens, he could be the perfect actor to show up in the MCU down the line, perhaps as a foil for the already mentioned Spider-Man.

Daredevil is supposed to be a character-driven, 13-hour movie, and D'Onofrio's Fisk will likely be the stand-out character.

Frank Miller's Daredevil is the root of this T.V. show:

Long before Miller took on the Caped Crusader with his 'Dark Knight Returns,' Miller had taken on Daredevil during the tail end of 1979 through 1983, and made Daredevil one of the most popular comic books during his run.

Miller's version of the character was much darker than the previous incantations, and the realism combined with the vivid images of Hell's Kitchen, made the comic book one of of the 'must-haves' of the 80's.

The T.V. show is clearly paying homage to Miller's dark and gritty vigilante, and the "Ninja-suited" Daredevil is clearly connected to Miller's 1993 origin story called "Man Without Fear." While the characters of Elektra and Bullseye aren't a part of this series, I wouldn't be surprised if they were a part of the series in years to come.

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